The Role of Community in Our Mental Health

Community is not just a group of people; it is a feeling. It is a feeling of being connected to others, accepted for who you are, and supported by others. At its heart, community is all about connection.  

As social creatures, community is essential for human beings to thrive. In times of distress, being able to lean on a community can be an essential aspect of self-care. 

Community is important for so many reasons – it provides us with a sense of belonging, acts as a powerful source of support, and offers a feeling of purpose (to name a few).

Sense of Belonging  

Feeling like you don’t fit in can be isolating. Building a community could look like finding other people who you identify with so that you see a reflection of yourself in others. Building this community can surround you with people who embrace and appreciate you as you are.  

Source of Support 

When you are struggling, raising your hand and asking for help can be incredibly daunting. Having a community around you that you can trust can be critical in getting through that time. People who you can talk to or who can help you through a difficult time can help you feel cared for and safe. You won’t be a burden to your community if you ask for help; they are there to help carry you when you need them. 

Feeling of Purpose  

We all bring something different to the table. Within a community, it is not uncommon for everyone to have a different role to play. Seeing how your role can strengthen your community can help give meaning to life, which can be grounding during difficult times.  

So, how can you find your community?

To connect with others, start by reflecting on what is important to you. What are your interests? You might find it easier to connect with people who enjoy the same activities that you do. What are your values and beliefs? Connecting with others who care about the same causes can play a big role in helping you build your community. 

At Samaritans, we know that connecting with each other is vital for our mental health. Remember that just as you need community, there is a community that needs you. Thank you for being a part of our Samaritans community.  We need you.