Do you feel sad, lonely, hopeless, or suicidal? We’re here to listen to you, 24 hours a day.

Samaritans works to prevent suicide and support those who have lost someone to suicide. Each year, 300+ volunteers answer more than 75,000 calls and text messages on our Helpline.

If you need to talk to someone about how you’re feeling, grieve the loss of a loved one to suicide, or learn how to help others in crisis, you can find support with us.

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  • Wednesday, May 15, 2019
    Breakfast for Hope
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  • Monday, June 10
    After Suicide: Understanding Your Grief
    Framingham Public Library

    Wednesday, June 12
    After Suicide: Understanding Your Grief
    YMCA Fall River


Samaritans provides life saving suicide prevention services throughout Greater Boston, MetroWest, and across Massachusetts. Our services are free, confidential, and nonjudgmental.

A man looking down at his phone in his hand.

“Thank you to Samaritans for saving lives. I am so grateful and wanted you to know what a difference you truly make.”

Helpline caller
A man and a woman sitting at a table looking at each other.

“Going to SafePlace is my life support. We have a common denominator — we can be there for each other.”

SafePlace attendee
A teenage girl sitting at a desk in a classroom looking away from the camera.

“This workshop opened my eyes to the fact that students want to be heard — but often we must ask and be direct about it.”

School workshop participant


Meet the Samaritans 2019 Marathon Team (Part 4)

With just three days until the 2019 Boston Marathon, we are ecstatic to announce that our team has nearly surpassed $200,000 raised for our organization! The dedicated runners on this team are loss survivors, volunteers, and folks who have benefited from our programs and services. In our final highlight before the Marathon, we'd like to introduce you to Diana and Mo, who share how they're preparing for the big day.

  • Person smiling

Creating a community of empathetic students

Ten years ago, Samaritans’ Community Education and Outreach team first entered my health classroom. I cannot begin to describe how transformative and significant this visit would be for the students -- and for me. Like many individuals, I was scared to talk about suicide and depression. Even though I knew how common mental illness is, I did not know how to talk about it. The social stigma that exists with mental health issues is an unspoken issue in society, and it was a strong barrier even for a health educator. 

  • Three photos of people; left to right: person smiling (text: Amanda); person running (text: Chris); person smiling (text: Erin)

Meet the Samaritans 2019 Marathon Team (Part 3)

The Samaritans 2019 Boston Marathon team is off to a record-breaking start, with nearly $150,000 raised toward our team goal of $160,000, with 60 days to go! The 13 dedicated individuals on this team are loss survivors, volunteers, and folks who have benefited from our programs and services. Each month leading up to the big day, we’ll be highlighting members of our outstanding team. This month, Amanda, Chris, and Erin R. share how they're preparing for the 2019 Boston Marathon.



Each day, thousands of people in Massachusetts struggle with loneliness, depression, and suicidal feelings. By supporting Samaritans as a volunteer or donor, you can give these people the caring, compassionate support they need.