Working Together to Prevent Suicide

We envision a society in which fewer people die by suicide. To accomplish this vision, we collaborate with and leverage the strengths of many organizations and individuals to increase our impact, as suicide prevention cannot happen in a vacuum.

National Resources

There are a number of organizations leading the charge for suicide prevention nationally. These organizations conduct research, promote public policy, build awareness, develop capacity, and provide community support. The relationships we have with the organizations below influence our own policies and best practices.


Suicide prevention efforts globally, nationally, and locally require collaboration between accrediting bodies, regional coalitions, and crisis centers. We’re proud to be a member of the following organizations.

State and Local Government

In order to provide the best programs and services, we partner with state and local governments to understand and meet the needs of our community.

U.S. Samaritans Locations

There are many different Samaritans offices all over the world. While we are run independently and not affiliated with the other offices, we do share a common mission of befriending those in need. There are seven U.S. locations of Samaritans, including our Boston location. The others are listed below.

Awareness Builders

Because of the generosity of organizations like the ones listed below, our mission and messaging is amplified across Massachusetts. From sponsored billboard space to digital signs in train stations, thousands of people across the Commonwealth learn more about our programming and events from partners who help build awareness.

a white car on the highway passes a purple billboard with Samaritans information

Partner with Samaritans

Interested in furthering the mission of suicide prevention? We want to hear from you! If your organization has a related mission like caring for the elderly or substance use disorders, let’s find a way to align our programs to support our communities! Email our Chief Executive Officer, Kathy Marchi, about your vision!

“One of the things that I feel great about is when Samaritans can go out to schools, to nonprofit agencies, to religious institutions and let kids know they aren’t alone and that there are other people that care, especially when you’re having a tough time.” 

Michael Durkin

Former President of United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley & samaritans Council Member