Suicide Attempt Survivor Support Group

An eight-week virtual support group for those who have survived a suicide attempt

If you have attempted to take your life, you likely experienced a host of emotions: shame, guilt, loneliness, anger, or resentment. You may be carrying a great deal of pain and feel like others can’t possibly understand what you’ve been through. Our suicide attempt survivor support group can be a helpful resource.

Survivors of Suicide Attempts (SOSA) Support Group

Peer support is an important component of healing. Talking with people who have similar experiences to you can be a powerful tool in rebuilding your life.

In SOSA, our new suicide attempt survivor support group, we offer the opportunity for people who have attempted to take their lives to connect in a nonjudgmental and empathetic environment.

Summer 2024 Program Details

Virtual Meetings, Sundays, 4-6 PM ET
8-Week Program, start date TBA
Free, Confidential, Nonjudgmental

The program will be a closed group of 4 to 9 adults, facilitated by a licensed clinician and a peer with Lived Experience. The group will be run in English.

The first few weeks focus on building rapport and community within the group. Then, the focus expands to include discussion of tools and skills that can help participants stay safe from future suicide attempts.

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The summer 2024 group is open to adults (18+) who have had one or more suicide attempts. Before joining the group, participants will complete a phone screening and intake interview with the facilitators. Participants are expected to attend all eight dates.

For more information, contact [email protected]

The SOSA Model

The SOSA group model was developed by the Didi Hirsch Suicide Prevention Center in Los Angeles, California. The model has been shown to significantly reduce suicidal ideation, hopelessness, suicidal desire, and suicidal intent in participants.

Survivors of Suicide Attempts (SOSA) Support Group

Thank you for you interest in the Survivors of Suicide Attempts (SOSA) Support Group. SOSA is a free, peer-led virtual support group for suicide attempt survivors. Visit our website for more information.

Please complete this form to begin your application. Once submitted, our team will follow up with you shortly to schedule an interview.

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2. Survivors of Suicide Attempts (SOSA) Support Group

Due to the nature of this group, we ask that participants attend all 8 sessions, which take place every Sunday. Exact dates TBA.

This demographic information is asked to measure how well our work reaches a variety of individuals and communities. Your responses will not impact your application.

Get Help Now

If you are feeling suicidal, lonely, or depressed, we are here for you. Whatever the reason, you can get support anytime from our free, anonymous 24/7 Helpline. Call or text us any time at 988.