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The team at Samaritans cares deeply about our mission to prevent suicide and provide hope. Some of us are connected to Samaritans because of our own losses to suicide. For others, it was our own mental health struggles which led us here. For some, it is a calling to help others who are in pain. Our staff, Board, and Council take great pride in being part of an organization that does such impactful work in the community.


Kathy Marchi

Chief Executive Officer & President

Janet Lawn

Chief Development Officer

Kacy Maitland

Chief Clinical Officer

Ruth Woods Dunham

Director, Crisis Services

Patty Shin

Director, Administration

Rebecca Allen

Leadership Gifts Officer

Kristine Poirier

Deputy Director of Development

Jeremiah Mankin

Manager, OES and Technology/Innovation

Findley Montgomery

Manager, Helpline Training

Elizabeth Rabinovitch

Manager, Special Events

Phoebe Whitwell

Manager, Salesforce CRM

Yarisa Diaz

Helpline Training Coordinator

John Dowd

Helpline Coordinator

Jonathan Grollman

Volunteer Coordinator

Racquel Mendez

Overnight Helpline Coordinator

Leah Meyers

Helpline Data & Technology Coordinator

Stephen Oliver

Helpline Coordinator

Samienta Pierre-Vil

Overnight Helpline Coordinator

Jessica Sun

Overnight Helpline Coordinator

Mia Terracino

Volunteer Coordinator

Hannah Timmermann

Overnight Helpline Coordinator

Edward Wilkinson

Overnight Helpline Coordinator

Nora Mally

Administrative Assistant

Board of Directors

Mark Horgan

Chair; Retired (U.S. Navy, 1999; CRICO/RMF, 2016)

Samantha Joseph

Vice Chair and Nominating Committee Chair; CIC Health

Stacey Marino

Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair; Oppenheimer & Co., Inc.

Emma Feldmann

Boston’s Children’s Hospital

Leah Goldstein

Jewish Teen Foundation of Greater Boston

Bruce Herzfelder

BetterVet LLC

Mary McDonagh


Stephen Mosha


Nicole Costa Moustafa


Doug Murphy

Thought Industries, Inc.

Ann Marie Oliver

Barkin/Whitman Workforce Development Program

Terrie Perella


Joe Shapiro

Rum & Reggae Guidebooks

Larry Buchsbaum

Clerk; Marketing & Business Development

Lisa Sarno

Fundraising Committee Chair; Treatment Placement Specialists

Peter Bean

Hunneman Commercial Real Estate Agency

Jill Borrelli

Tufts Health Plan

Tom Burke

Samaritans Helpline Volunteer

Vin Capozzi

AllWays Health Partners

Debbie Connolly

Community Volunteer

Kennedy Elsey

Mix 104.1

Samaritans Council

The Samaritans Council affords members an opportunity to engage more deeply with a mission important to them, contribute to widening the circle of supporters, establish an official relationship from which they can act as brand ambassadors, and engage with others who are similarly committed to the organization and its success. For Samaritans, the benefits include the opportunity to engage meaningfully with members of our community who value our work, increased visibility and financial support, and the ability to call on members for their personal or professional expertise or feedback.

Blair Ballard


Chloe Bancel


Thomas Bartlett

American Tower

Lyndon Braun

Community Volunteer

Delaney Callaghan

Student & Helpline Volunteer

Christy Cashman

Charity Warriors, Saint Aire Productions

Jay Cashman

Jay Cashman, Inc.

David Cohen

Student, UMass Boston Disability Services & Helpline Volunteer

Margaret Connolly

EF Education First

Marjorie Clapprood


Candice DeStefano

Michael Durkin


Laurel Escoll

Grow Press

Joseph Feaster

Feaster Enterprises

Corinne Ferguson

Community Volunteer

Kyle Freeman

Cloud 9 Redesign

Desmond Herzfelder

Student & Helpline Volunteer

Kara Hines


Jason Jenkins


Chris Johnson


Rev. Hall Kirkham

St. Michael’s Episcopal Church

Lindsay J. Leavitt


Stacey Lucchino

Community Volunteer

Tyler Mabry


Lila McCain

HR Professional

Robert McGuiness


Daniel Milner

State Street

Andy Molnar

UVD Robots

Sean Murphy

Game Creek Capitol

J. Brian Potts

Community Volunteer

Christopher Spinazzola


Prudence Stratton

Community Volunteer

Zoe Umeh

Student & Helpline Volunteer

Steve Watson

Reservoir Church

Terrie Perella

Stewart Chapin

Chair, Bennett Family Foundation

Kathy Ruggiero

A woman in a cafe on a laptop.

Join the Samaritans Team

We know that working in suicide prevention can be tough. We also know it can be very rewarding. If you’re looking for a change, check out our open positions. We’d love to receive your application today!

What’s Happening with Samaritans

Is there any better way to find out what’s going on at Samaritans than by asking the people who are doing the work? We don’t think so! Check out our blogs from our team members to get the inside scoop.