Annual Memorial

Experience Support and Foster Healing Through Community & Connection

We invite the Samaritans’ community to convene at Arlington Street Church (ASC) in Boston for our Annual Memorial on Sunday, January 22, 2023 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. ASC is a new location for this event, yet it is where Samaritans, Inc. started in 1974.

This gathering of suicide loss survivors, their families and friends, committed volunteers, generous supporters, community leaders, dedicated board members, and devoted professional staff offers a poignant opportunity for personal reflection and collective expressions of remembrance. Through silent observances, read poems, reflective remarks, recited musical performances, and shared letters, memorial participants will bolster a sense of support and healing through community and connection.

After the formal program, attendees are invited to gather in a sanctuary adjacent room to share refreshments and enjoy one another’s company.

To join us and to submit content to the Annual Memorial program, please click the 2023 Annual Memorial link button below. Please complete and submit the Annual Memorial Attendance Form. If you would like to submit a reading, poem, or letter to be read, or a musical piece to be performed, please upload the content. The registration and content submission deadline is January 5, 2023 by 8 am.

Questions about the Annual Memorial?

Contact our Grief Support Services team.

“Please know it means the world to families like mine who have suffered a terrible loss. Samaritans has truly made a difference to our family and so many others, and for that we are beyond grateful. You have done a wonderful job. Thank you for always going above and beyond, the world needs more people like you.”

Suicide Loss Survivor

Hear the Journeys of Suicide Loss Survivors

While a loss from suicide can be an incredibly isolating experience, many people have walked this path before. At Samaritans, there is a community of loss survivors who understands your pain.