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Call or text Samaritans’ 24/7 statewide Helpline at 877-870-4673. Whatever the reason, you will get help from a trained volunteer offering non-judgmental support. Our crisis Helpline based in Massachusetts is confidential and free.

If you feel more comfortable using a chat service, Lifeline Crisis Chat is available 24/7.

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Grief Support Services

If you have lost someone to suicide and would like for us to contact you to discuss our available Grief Support Services, please fill out the Grief Support Services Request Form.
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Warning Signs & Risk Factors

Many people who are feeling depressed or desperate enough to consider suicide give clues to how they’re feeling. You can be the first step towards help for someone you care about.

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How to Help

If you’re worried someone may be suicidal, there are actions you may take to help the person feel supported: listening, asking direct and open-ended questions, and getting help.

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Samaritans verifies and compiles relevant resources on suicide prevention, mental health, and coping with loss.
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For Non-Emergencies

For general information about our programs and services, contact us at info@samaritanshope.org. This email address is not intended for emergencies or as a substitute for our Helpline or chat services.

“It’s really helped a lot just being able to talk about things. It’s really good to have friends like the Samaritans.”

Janice, Helpline caller

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