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Find Support at Samaritans

You are not alone. Samaritans is here for you if you are having thoughts of suicide, are worried about a loved one, or need emotional support.

To get help now, call or text 988. We are here to listen, 24 hours a day.

Youth up to age 24 can text Hey Sam at 439-726 to get support from another young person. Hey Sam is available 9am to 12midnight ET.

Suicide Grief Support

Samaritans provides a safe, healing community for those who have lost a loved one to suicide. Our grief support programs offer suicide loss survivors connection on their own terms, alongside others who understand this uniquely painful form of loss.

Learn to Support Others

Asking someone if they are having thoughts of suicide may feel scary, but it is often a relief when someone who is struggling knows that you have noticed their pain. We can teach you how to support someone who is struggling so you know how to approach those conversations.

“There is no question in my mind, heart, and soul that I would not be alive today without the incredible folks at Samaritans.”


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