TEAM 41 – 5K Friday

Family gathers in front of fireplace for photoWritten by Shannon Jurgens, TEAM 41

We are TEAM 41 and our story started five years ago
When we lost our beloved Kevin, my big bro.
He died by suicide and it broke our family’s heart,
But that is the moment that Team 41 got its start.

The moment Kev stepped on the football field, an all-star was born.
He wore the number 41 on the back of his uniform.
He loved the game so much, out there with all of his buds,
And I have to be honest; they were all a bunch of studs.

Kevin’s football career made his family so very proud.
We were on the sidelines each game cheering so loud.
Eventually, Kevin’s football playing days had to be done
But we will never stop cheering for our number 41.

The Samaritans 5K is more than just a walk or a run.
It’s a way to remember and honor our number 41.
We created our team this year because it is memorial year five
And we want to make a difference and keep Kev’s legacy alive.

There are so many teams, who come from so many places.
It’s a comfort to see the hope and strength on all of their faces.
Team Needham is another group we are proud to endorse,
And we cannot wait to support them out on the 5K course.

The Samaritans 5K is a race unlike any other,
A way to honor our friends, our community, and my big brother.
Some are there to remember a sibling, parent, husband, or wife,
But everyone is there running for someone else’s life.

After the run, there is something that hits me harder than all:
It’s the feeling when I see all the love and grief on the ribbon wall.
Each ribbon represents a person that is so loved and so missed
But their memories are why we run, we fundraise, and we persist.

So please help support our precious Team 41 this year
By donating 41 bucks, by running, or just giving us a cheer.
Samaritans uses the money to prevent, to support and to help us cope
Please donate to our cause and help us spread the message of love and hope.

Find TEAM 41’s 5K Fundraising page or register to walk/run on September 28!