The Michael H.K. Cohen Fundraising Team – 5K Friday

Written by David Cohen, The Michael H.K. Cohen Fundraising Team

Person in suit smiles outdoors
Michael Cohen

Losing a sibling while you are both still young, it makes no sense. They were there with you, everyday, a part of your life. You were passing them by in the hallways of your home growing up, you were calling and texting them regularly when you were apart, you were having nights out. You think that is just how it will be. Forever.

Then one day they are just not there anymore and they’re not coming back. It can never add up in your head how something like that could happen.

The morning of his death, I was knocked numb, unable to cry, unable to yell, unable to get angry, unable to do anything but stand there speechless and attempt the impossible task of trying to figure out how this could even happen.

My brother Michael is just not here and that is something I will never get used to or understand.

On September 28, my family and I will be participating in Samaritans’ 21st Annual 5K for Suicide Prevention.  It was an honor to participate last year as it will be again this year.

When you look around the 5K grounds, you feel the energy of an army ready to fight suicide along with you. You are not alone.

We are there to save families from this awful tragedy and to help Samaritans reach those suffering from mental illness and let them know that they, like the teams at the 5K, are not alone.

We are ready to stand up to suicide with all of you.

Donate to The Michael H.K. Cohen Fundraising Team or register to walk/run on September 28!