The Reason I Walk – Kennedy Elsey – 5K Friday

Two people embracingWritten by Kennedy Elsey, Team Captain of Kennedy’s Crew

Hi, my name is Kennedy. I do a morning show on Mix 104.1 called Karson & Kennedy.

My life looks pretty shiny on the outside, but inside it was not so pretty. It was dark and scary and the voices were loud.

It took me years to get diagnosed, and when I finally found I was living with bipolar disorder things finally started to make sense again. Therapy helped. Meds helped.

I have made great strides and the voices haven’t gotten any louder. But they are still there. Always.

This is why I’m so thankful for Samaritans. To know that they are there 24/7. To know that I can call or text whenever it gets to be too much.

I’ve called. And probably will again.

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