Bring Suicide Prevention to Your School

If you aren’t the decision maker at your school, it might feel tough to know how to bring about change. We’ve made that easier for you with our email template to send to your school’s principal, superintendent, or school board committee. Just copy and paste the language below, and update with the appropriate contact information!

Hi (Insert Your Principal/Superintendent’s Name),

As you know, our students are dealing with a lot of stress: homework, sports, grades, friends, family issues, bullying, social media, and not feeling like they’re good enough.

These stressors can become risk factors for suicide in a young person’s life. Suicide is now the second leading cause of death for young people, ages 10-24, but many youth do not know where to turn when they need help. Without the right resources, our students may become withdrawn, isolated, and depressed.

A local nonprofit, Samaritans, provides free suicide prevention workshops to schools in the community. They create a safe and supportive environment for students to discuss challenging and confusing issues.

I would like to bring Samaritans’ workshops to our school, whether for our students or as a resource for our school personnel. Please let me know if you agree, and I will reach out to the team at Samaritans to coordinate dates for the workshop. You can see more details on their website at Thank you so much for your consideration!