Team #feels finds asking for help to be a powerful gift

Written by Team #feels (members pictured above) who will be participating virtually in the 5K Run/Walk for Suicide Prevention on September 26

Team #feels is an outgrowth of a community support forum founded to help us help each other in the time of COVID-19. We’ve learned to collaborate on H-mart runs, cheese-tasting nights, and mask-making materials. We’ve been sharing our tough feelings — sometimes joy, but also fury, dread, rage, and existential despair. We’ve also been sharing pictures of our cats.

Just since March, a heart-breaking number of our friends have suffered the death of friends and lovers through suicide, and many of us have shared our own private crises. As hard as it is to admit we’re suffering, it’s magical to realize we’re not alone in that suffering.

We’ve learned that personal growth and emotional support aren’t limited by physical presence. And we’ve found out that the more ways we find to help each other, the easier it is to ask for help when we need it. We’ve learned that asking for help is a powerful gift, and being able to help is a powerful solace.  

We are participating this year because we believe life is worth living.

With love,

Team #feels

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