Meet Our NYC Marathon Team


“Subroto moved up to Boston from New York in 2000, as a temporary halt on his way to California, where his family is. Unfortunately, he lost a work colleague and dear friend in the tragedy of 9-11 and he stayed back to build Danvers Family Doctors as a private Primary Care practice in 2002, where he has been since. He lives in Swampscott with his wife Som, who is his classmate from college and long time victim of his terrible Dad jokes, and a pediatric anesthesiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital. They have two children, a son Hiren who is a guitarist in a band and a daughter Namita who is on her way to be a High School teacher. His association withSamaritans is through his niece who volunteered to work with them during her college years in Boston. He is honored to run the New York Marathon for Samaritans and for him, will be a return to run where he did his professional training.

Subroto Bhattachrya

“I am so excited and honored to be running the 2021 New York City Marathon for Team Samaritans in memory of David Lassalle. I chose to run for Samaritans because the organization has been an invaluable resource to my family and I during our own experience with suicide. Every dollar raised goes to continuing their important work of helping remove the stigma of mental health and supporting those who are suffering. When I am not training, I work as a data consultant in Washington, DC. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends and family and their new babies and puppies.”

Laura Michela

“It has always been a dream of mine to run a full marathon, and I am honored to be able to represent and run the NYC Marathon with Team Samaritans. I am running in loving memory of my older brother Kyle, who I lost to suicide this past January. There is such a stigma around mental health, and being able to bring more awareness is something very important to me.

I graduated from Syracuse University and currently work for DraftKings INC, in Boston. I love to visit friends in NYC and look forward to getting a running tour! In my free time, I love to watch sports, travel with my friends, play with my German Shepherd and Golden Retriever, along with going to the beach and just about anything active outdoors!”

“My name is Liz Friberg and I am from Westminster, MA.  I lost my soulmate, my best friend, my husband to suicide on August 1, 2020.  My life and my boys lives turned upside down and running was the only thing to keep me sane and going…to be the best mom I can be. The Samaritans were a huge help for me and made me feel not so alone.  I have 2 boys, Samuel (14) and Benjamin (12), and they keep me going. They are my world and they have been so strong and resilient during this difficult time. 

Running has saved me and I am hoping that I can raise some money to spread the word about how important this is to me and try to end the stigma around mental health. My life as a suicide survivor has some meaning now that I am able to do this. It feels good!!

Thanks for reading my story and I am so thrilled to be running the NYC Marathon for Team Samaritans.”

Liz Friberg

“Ray grew up in Cambridge, MA and currently resides in Roslindale, MA with wife Lisa, daughter Roslyn, and son Adam. In 1994 Ray took up Karate lessons for a short period of time where he met Christian Caldaroni. Christian and Ray later reconnected in 2001 and became great friends.  In 2002, they decided to be roommates along with cousin Melissa in Revere. Sadly, in late May 2005 Christian Caldaroni committed suicide in his room while living in Revere. Melissa and Ray were the first people to find Christian. Since 2005 Ray and his wife Lisa have helped to support Samaritans by participating in the annual 5K Run/Walk for Suicide Prevention as members of Christian’s Team. Through Samaritans, in Christian’s memory, Ray ran the Boston Marathon in 2015 and 2016. In his free time, Ray enjoys spending time with his family, listening to music, watching sports, and training for Ironman competitions. Ray is honored to be representing Samaritans in the 2021 New York City Marathon.”

Ramon Neves