Why Do You 5K

We are thrilled to invite you to participate in an upcoming video that will be released virtually on our website on September 25th for our upcoming 5K Run/Walk for Suicide Prevention.

We would like you to answer the question – WHY DO YOU 5K?  In:30 seconds or less, tell us why you participate in the 5K, whether it’s your first year or you have participated many times! 

Woman standing in the background of the text. She is smiling.  Text overlays: Whats Your Why? 5K

We want to know your WHY.  

Please send your final recordings to us by Friday, September 10th via the below Google link.

Register Todayhttp://www.Samaritans5K.org

Helpful Recording Tips:

  1. Film horizontally, “landscape” style (rather than vertical/portrait)
  2. Place your phone (or have someone hold it for you) at least 3 feet away from your face and wait 5 seconds after hitting record to begin speaking. Answer the question “Why Do You 5K?” Your answer should be :30 seconds maximum. Once you have completed your comments, again, wait another 5 seconds, looking into the camera. Then stop recording.
  3. Feel free to film outside on a training walk or run. Showing yourself doing something active will replicate a sense of what you will be doing on the day of the 5K! If you are outside, be mindful of the noises. If you want to film inside, it is best to film facing a window that gets natural daylight. You don’t want to have the window in the background or other backlighting.
  4. After you’ve finished your recording, please save your file as your name and the month-day-year that filming took place. For example, “Amy Ludwig 10-04-2018”
  5. Please upload your finished file to the Google link above. Please do not email us your file.


Thank you for your help! We look forward to learning Why Do You 5K? Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns before you record, please reach out to Elizabeth Rabinovitch at [email protected].