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Depression and suicidal ideation in people living with diabetes

The comorbidity of diabetes and depression is a toxic combination. Coexisting depression in people with diabetes is associated with higher rates of diabetic complications, higher hba1cs, lower adherence to insulin therapy such as skipping doses, a lower quality of life, higher healthcare costs, and a higher risk of death. Additionally, diabetes can trigger depression, and depression can make diabetes management worse, creating a vicious cycle.

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The Kenyan community is proud to support Samaritans 2019 Breakfast for Hope

The Kenyan Community is proud to join and support Samaritans 2019 Breakfast for Hope as first time attendees. In our time of need, Samaritans offered hope, to partner with and support the Kenyan community as we came to terms, tried to cope, and looked for answers to the number of suicides affecting our community.

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