Team Heather’s Friends – 5K Friday

Person smiling on busWritten by Cindy Petelle. Cindy is one of Heather’s friends joining Heather’s twin brother Jeffrey Cumming in their first Samaritans 5K. They will be walking after losing Heather last November 2018.  

We were childhood friends in times of giggles and innocence. You went to classes and ate lunches with us, countless birthday parties, camp with others, and lived close by to some. Everyone who knew you felt your light.

You were the forever smiling, kindhearted, and curiously smart classmate. Bright and sweeping in your step, connecting others and making them feel welcome. We can still hear your laugh. You also held a quiet sensitive nature like a rare flower, beautiful and yet fragile, perhaps.

You are no longer with us, we are shocked and saddened. How could this be? We heard that you suffered, we wish we could have helped, could have known. We don’t want another’s friends or family to lose a person like you.

We turn to Samaritans’ suicide prevention walk to raise funds in their mission to help friends and family struggling with thoughts of suicide. You are not alone, we are with you. We are Heather’s Friends. Our hearts beat together with all of Samaritans 5K Runners and Walkers for this most important cause. We thank you on behalf of Heather.

Donate to Team Heather’s Friends’ 5K Fundraising page or register to walk/run on September 28!