Channeling grief to celebrate life at Samaritans 5K

Max Skinner, Captain of Team Thropic, lost his mother to suicide four years ago. Two years ago, he participated in his first Samaritans 5K to celebrate his mother’s life. Read more about Max’s story and how he’s preparing for his next go-round at the 5K.

Just a little over four years ago, I discovered my mom after she had taken her own life. Needless to say, that was a super traumatizing experience. I really only had two options after that moment of complete shock: I could either let that moment affect me negatively for the rest of my life or I could turn that horrific experience into something positive.

I knew it wasn’t going to be easy though. That first year after my mom’s death was brutal. I struggled with panic attacks, anxiety, and substance abuse. After a lot of therapy, meditation, and support, I found my peace with it. I found myself again.

I was still missing some sort of connection to other people that shared my pain, until I discovered Samaritans and ran the annual Samaritans 5K two years ago. That race was truly one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences of my life.

The 5K taught me that you can survive after a traumatizing event, and you can channel your agony into something positive. Samaritans also inspired me to start Thropic, a philanthropy platform that connects people to local charities.

Thropic is really excited to put together a team for this year’s Samaritans 5K! We’ve already garnered a ton excitement for the race, and we have some really cool tee shirt designs lined up. Thropic’s action buttons will also give our team a leg up in fundraising over the next two months leading up to the 5K.

I truly believe that this event puts life into perspective. It’s always such a beautiful morning and you can feel a combination of pain, love, and closure in the air. I’m just really excited that my friends and fellow social advocates will be able to experience that rewarding feeling I alluded to earlier.

I speak for everyone on the Thropic team in saying that we are so excited for the Samaritans 5K on September 29th!