Why We Run

At 10am on Saturday, September 24th at Artesani Park in Brighton, we will host our 24th annual 5K Run/Walk for Suicide Prevention. Started in 1999, this is a long-standing event that much of our Samaritans community looks forward to each year. The event feels even more energized this year because it will be our first year back in-person after two years of virtual events due to the pandemic.

If you follow the happenings at Samaritans throughout the year, you’ll often hear us talking a lot about different runs. We participate in the Boston Marathon each year and have sent a team to run in the NYC marathon for the last 2 years. And we host this wonderful 5K Run/Walk every September as well. With so much running, we often get asked…”Why are runs such a staple for Samaritans? You all have so many other things that you do. Why do you run?”

For each person, the answer to that question is unique (and we encourage you to ask people at the 5K on September 24th!). But what we have discovered is that there is a sort of magic that happens when people come together who care deeply about helping to prevent suicide, and who gather with others to remember a loved one lost to suicide. Together, they create a beautiful moment in time. Allow us to describe that magic:

You see…When we run together to honor those who have been lost to suicide, for just a short while we get to carry the weight of that grief together and run or walk together in that pain. And in the same moment, we get to feel happiness, rejoice together and feel comfort in watching an entire community come together to support one another and to break the stigma of suicide. And while carrying that grief, happiness, joy, and comfort, we get to also allow ourselves to feel proud for choosing to do something hard, for persevering, and for living in purpose.

To put it simply – This is not your everyday 5K. 

Why do we run, you ask? We run because we have witnessed year after year this very magic – where beauty, healing, unity, and hope all radiate from one event.

So, while we could try to sway you to join us on September 24 by telling you about all of the fun that will be had at this year’s event (which is absolutely true – especially for the kiddos at the Family Fun Festival!), what we really want to do is invite you to an opportunity to come see and experience the heart of Samaritans. Those people you will see at the race – our incredible community – that is why we run.

Please register to walk or run with us on September 24. And if you can’t join us, please consider donating to one of the teams or individuals who will be racing with us.