Executive Director Reflections: Lowering the Bar

New year. New resolutions. New goals and promises.  

Not this year, not for me.  

This year, I’m lowering the bar! It might be unusual for a leader to say that, so hear me out.  

Designating the start of the calendar year to set new goals is pretty common. Feelings of disappointment or discouragement by not meeting them are often familiar too. This year, it will be wiser and more helpful to be realistic and respectful to ourselves by lowering the bar.  

That doesn’t mean that we should not set our sights on achieving the things we wish to do. Yet, we should do so with thoughtful consideration for our own wellbeing. After all, those goals are often about self-care and self-improvement and should not make us feel burdened.  

For some, setting even a simple goal that lasts a few days or less will be an accomplishment. For others, the challenge to face something that might take months will be no less difficult. We are each our own best judge of what this opportunity offers. The well-meaning questions from others do not have to set us on this annual roller coaster. We choose. We decide what’s best for us. 

This year, I choose to proceed with grace for myself and to offer support to others in their quest to make these times what they want. New year, yes. New goals, yes. This time, gentler and with a much greater chance for my success.