Marathon Runner Spotlight: Maggie Small

Maggie Small
Maggie Small runs the 2023 Boston Marathon

Maggie Small always knew she wanted to run the Boston Marathon, and she knew she wanted to run for Samaritans—an organization she connected with in 2018 after losing her best friend to suicide. Maggie fulfilled that dream this year, running the 2023 Boston Marathon in honor of her friend while raising $12,066 for Samaritans.

The training was difficult, but Maggie stayed motivated by picturing how she would feel crossing the finish line and how proud her best friend would be.

“I’ve never been in so much pain, and I’ve also never felt so loved,” says Maggie. “I know that my friend was seeing this, thinking ‘Wow, Maggie did this!’ and I know that she was with me the whole way.”

Maggie recently deepened her connection with Samaritans by joining the Council, where she hopes to help more young professionals connect with Samaritans resources.

“A lot of people my age are having struggles, or have lost people, and they don’t know where to turn because they aren’t in a school environment anymore,” Maggie explains.

I would love to see more young professionals involved with Samaritans.

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