Welcome Emma and Erika to Samaritans!

Samaritans is pleased to welcome Emma Kerry and Erika Boughter to our full-time staff!

Emma Kerry, Volunteer Coordinator

Emma comes to Samaritans  after 15 years of teaching English Language and Literature. Originally from Wolverhampton (a most unattractive industrial town in the middle of England), she studied at Oxford University, afterwards drifting down to London, where she taught at the London Oratory School, and thence to Canterbury, where she taught (hilariously, not only Literature, but also how to use a rifle) at the Duke of York’s Royal Military School. She was also a copy-editor for college textbooks and a specialist examiner for the national Advanced Level qualifications in the UK. When her husband moved to Boston to conduct a choir, she felt she ought to follow him out of duty.

Emma began to volunteer at Samaritans in April 2012 (she had also volunteered for the Samaritans-run University helpline in Oxford for three years). She was a Homeleader and Mentor, and also helped out with training and interviews; she was, for a number of years, the volunteer covering the most shifts.

She is deeply delighted and proud to join Samaritans as a staff member, particularly to tread in the footsteps of Maeve. Outside work, Emma walks her ill-trained dogs, meditates, and enjoys singing, reading, knitting, and pedantry.

Erika Boughter, Special Events Coordinator

A recent graduate of Quinnipiac University, Erika is thrilled to begin working at Samaritans as the Special Events Coordinator! She is excited to combine her passion for suicide prevention and mental health awareness with her experience in event coordination.

Through internships with Simple Details Events and Alden Park Restaurant, Erika solidified her interest in event planning and development. As the newest member of the Samaritans staff, Erika is excited to be working for an organization that that truly impacts the community.

Outside of work, Erika enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time outdoors with her two Labradors, Tessa and Finn.