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“People Really Want To Live’: Samaritans Volunteers Guide Callers, Texters Through Darkest Moments” via
“They’re known as “befrienders. For four hours at a time, the Samaritans volunteers sit in one of 13 cubicles in a small office in downtown Boston, answering phone calls and texts from people who are depressed, lonely and sometimes considering suicide…”  Read More→

“MBTA focuses on suicide prevention” via
“THE ISSUE: Since July, trains have struck and killed 11 people in Massachusetts. THE IMPACT: The MBTA is working with suicide prevention organizations and other partners to identify ways to reduce accidental deaths and suicides on its tracks…” Read More→

“Why the spike in MBTA train deaths? And what is Massachusetts doing about it?” via
Friday, Sept. 15, was anything but a normal day on Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority commuter rail lines.  In two separate incidents — the first on the Franklin Line, the latter on the Framingham/Worcester Line — three people were struck by commuter trains…” Read More→

“MBTA to convene task force after surge of deaths on rail tracks” via The Boston Globe
“State officials have convened a special working group and are asking for help from the federal government to counter a sharp and sudden increase in the number of people killed by Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority trains in recent months…”Read More→

“Melrose native remembers sister with Samaritans 5K” via
“When Samaritans, Inc.’s 19th annual 5K Run/Walk for Suicide Prevention kicks off Sept. 23 at Brighton’s Artesani Park, among the thousands taking part will be Melrose native Steve Mongeau, the group’s executive director. Along with friends and family members..”Read More→

“Join ‘Anthony’s Avengers’ in supporting Samaritans” via
““What I would like people to understand is that this is not a morbid event,” Plymouth resident Judi Mori said. “It may seem strange to say this, but despite the tragedies that we have in common, when people participate in the Samaritan’s 5K Walk/Run for Suicide Prevention it feels like a celebration…” Read More→

“HOW TO HELP: Carver resident’s aunt carries the torch for her nephew” via
“Those who know her are aware of the devastation she felt when she learned that her nephew had died at his own hand.  Although 15 years apart, Carver native Judi Mori and her nephew, Anthony J. Mori, of Carver, were very close…” Read More→

“Cambridge resident to participate in Suicide Prevention 5K” via
“Cambridge resident Adrienne Pilarski will participate in the 19th annual Samaritans’ 5K Run/Walk for Suicide Prevention, to be held Sept. 23 at Artesani Park in Brighton…” Read More→

“Carver native in Walk for Suicide Prevention” via
“CARVER — Carver native Judi Mori will participate in the 19th annual Samaritans’ 5K Run, Walk for Suicide Prevention on Sept. 23 with Anthony’s Avengers in honor of her nephew, who died by suicide in 2014…” Read More→


“Samaritans Suicide Prevention Hotline Sees Growth in Text Messages” via The MetroWest Daily News
“Depression and suicide are inter-generational issues affecting people of all ages, which is why non-profit Samaritans, Inc. has added a texting option for its statewide helpline …” Read More→

“Good ‘Samaritan’ from Cambridge runs Marathon for suicide prevention” via The Cambridge Chronicle & Tab
“After losing a close friend to suicide, Cambridge resident Michael Monestime will run this year’s Boston Marathon to raise money for Samaritans Inc…” Read More→

“Hanscom employee running marathon to raise suicide prevention awareness” via Hanscom Air-force base
“A Battle Management program manager assigned here will be raising awareness for suicide prevention in the military while running his first Boston Marathon…” Read More→

“More Troubled Teens Seeking Help by Texting Helpline” via Boston Globe
“A suicide prevention group in Boston is receiving a growing number of text messages on its helpline, supporting its theory that high school students…” Read More→

“Arlington High School Suicide Prevention” via Arlington Public News
“Experts at the community forum at Arlington High School letting people know that not only can we say the word suicide but should talk about it, too…” Watch →

“Arlington to Host Mental Health and Suicide Awareness Night” via The Arlington Patch
“Arlington will hold an event Thursday that aims to bring awareness to the issues of mental health and suicide…” Read More →

“MBTA, Samaritans Inc. launch “You Are Not Alone” campaign” via The Daily Free Press
“The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority and Samaritans Inc. of Boston launched the “You Are Not Alone” campaign Friday to spread awareness of suicide prevention through a statewide helpline in the public transportation systems…” Read More →

“MBTA, Samaritans launch ‘You Are Not Alone’ campaign at stations” via The Boston Globe
“The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is teaming up with suicide prevention group Samaritans Inc. of Boston to offer help to people on subway platforms who are feeling depressed or alone…” Read More →

“MBTA and Samaritans roll out anti-suicide ‘You’re Not Alone’ project” via Boston Metro
“If you’ve ever driven over the Tobin Bridge or seen a sign offering help, odds are you have seen the Samaritan signs offering a lifeline for people who might seek a permanent solution to temporary problems…” Read More →

“Millis native to run in Boston Marathon in memory of sister” via The Milford Daily News
“Kim Gagnon, of Millis, will run on the Samaritans Marathon Team in the 120th Boston Marathon on April 18 to help raise needed funds to support suicide prevention programs…” Read More →

“They lost Joann, but gained a cause for life” via The Lowell Sun
“The Coppola family has had to come to terms with a difficult truth: They will never understand why their beloved daughter and sister, Joann, ended her own life…” Read More →

“Suicide Prevention Forum Planned” via Arlington Wicked Local
“The Arlington Youth Health & Safety Coalition, along with Arlington Public Schools and the Arlington Youth Counseling Center have announced they will host a community forum on suicide prevention and depression awareness this month…” Read More →

“Peabody resident to run in Boston Marathon” via North of Boston
“Jena Roma, of Peabody, will run in the 120th Boston Marathon on April 18, helping other Samaritans in an effort to raise needed funds to support suicide prevention programs…” Read More →

“NightSide – Suicide Awareness And Prevention” via CBS Boston
Samaritans Executive Director Steve Mongeau and Training and Quality Improvement Manager Beata Momtaz sat down with veteran Boston television journalist and former Samaritans’ Board member Dan Rae to discuss our important work in the community. Listen →


“Tools To Prevent Suicide Include Awareness — And Apps” via WBUR
“About 600 people in Massachusetts take their own lives each year. Between 2003 and 2012, the suicide rate in Massachusetts rose an alarming 42 percent…” Read More →

“Q&A: Chelmsford Resident Leads Samaritans” via The Chelmsford Independent
“For Steve Mongeau of Chelmsford, the fight to prevent suicide is a personal one. When he recalls his sister Kathy…” Read More →

“Editorial: Suicide help is just a text away” via MetroWest Daily News
“Marc Levasseur, 32, had lots of friends, a supportive family, and a job he loved teaching special needs children at a Framingham private school. It is not unusual …” Read More →

“Father Who Suffered Unthinkable Loss Produces Documentary About Suicide” via WBUR
Nearly eight years ago, the news was filled with reports of a tragedy on Route 495 in Lowell. A woman carried two small children into the middle of the interstate. All three were killed…” Read More →

“Chelmsford Samaritan appears in suicide documentary” via The Boston Globe
“teve Mongeau, a Chelmsford resident and executive director of Samaritans, Inc., is featured in the film “Samaritans: You are Not Alone,” a documentary…” Read More →

“Texting Option for People in Despair” via NECN
“Suicide is the second-leading cause of death among teenagers and college students. But now, this age group has another way to seek help. Leslie Gaydos reports.” Watch →

“SOS via SMS: Help for suicidal teens is a text message away” Nationally Covered, originally from Associated Press
With younger generations using cellphones less for actual conversation and more for text messaging, suicide prevention organizations are setting up ways that let distraught youths seek help that way…” Read on CBS News, CNBC, ABC News, WCBV, News10, MetroWest Daily News, or WHDH.

“Devastated by a relative’s struggle, a broken family gets a second chance” via The Boston Globe
So in July 2011, they became parents again, giving birth to fraternal twin boys, Kolten and Sheadon. “It’s nice to have a second chance,” Ken said. The boys are master sand castle builders. They chase gulls…” Read More →

“Samaritans adds texting services to statewide suicide helpline” via Medford Wicked Local
“As of October, Samaritans Inc. is will provide texting support via the Massachusetts Statewide Helpline at 877-870-HOPE (877-870-4673). Samaritans is the first organization based in Massachusetts to implement texting…” Read More →

“Film seeks to stem suicides” from New Hampshire Union Leader
“After months of filming, a documentary on suicide prevention produced in part by a New Hampshire-based mental health awareness organization will be released publicly on Sept. 9…” Read More →

“Team captain seeks backers for Samaritans’ 5K Run/Walk event to help prevent suicide” from Cambridge Day
“More than 3,000 runners, walkers, families and team members are expected to support the mission of the nonprofit Samaritans group at the 5K Run/Walk for Suicide Prevention on Sept. 26 along the Charles River. Read More →

“Teen Mental Health, Depression and Suicide Conference Highlights Current MSSAA/MIAA Attention to this Area” via The MSSAA Leader
“Lauren Gablinske went into methods of suicide prevention, stressing the procedures used on the befriending process…” Read More →

“There at the Beginning” via The Boston Foundation
“What begin at 1974 as a suicide hotline staffed by 22 volunteers in the Arlington Street Church is now a Boston-based crisis center dedicated to reducing the incidence of suicide…” Read More → (on page 82)

“Ashland father of suicide victim featured in Samaritans annual video” from The MetroWest Daily
“When Brian Douglas lost his 18-year-old daughter to suicide, a friend brought him to Samaritans’ SafePlace meetings to cope. For the past two years, Douglas has been sharing his experience…” Read More →

“Needham marathoner Q&A: Liz Loveless runs for suicide prevention” from Wicked Local
“Liz Loveless, who started this fall as a therapist for Needham Youth Services, is running the Boston Marathon on April 20 for a suicide prevention organization…” Read More →

“‘The Biggest Barrier’ To Preventing Suicide: Not Talking About It” from WBUR
“More than two years after her son’s suicide, Susan LaCaire, of Spencer, still has a hard time opening up about it with those outside her closest circle…” Read More →


“Saying farewell to Samaritans’ director” from The Boston Globe
“Actress-producer Christy Cashman and her husband, Jay, hosted a reception for Roberta Hurtig, who’s stepping down as executive …” Read More →

“The Roderick Family and local residents to participate in Annual 5K to support local suicide prevention and to remember Shane Roderick” from The Tewksbury Patch
“By participating, we’re letting Shane know that we are thinking of him, and we think he would be proud that we are helping others in his name. Shane’s death touched a lot of people in our community…” Read More →

“Tewksbury residents to participate in 5K Run/Walk” from The Tewksbury Advocate
“The 5K is something we look forward to — it’s a day for our family, extended and close, and friends to celebrate Mark’s life and honor his memory…” Read More →

“Grieving Robin Williams, And Helping Others In Need” from WBUR
Whenever a public figure dies, particularly one who brought as much joy and laughter to us as Robin Williams did, we grieve. We are not only shocked by the suddenness of his death, but by the apparent circumstances of it, as well. It is human to try and make sense of it all…” Read More →

“Samaritans’ Spokesperson Roberta Hurtig” from Boston Herald Radio
Samaritans’ Executive Director Roberta Hurtig discusses loss to suicide in the wake of Robin Williams’ death. Listen→

“Hopedale Native to participate in Annual 5K to support local suicide prevention and remember John C. Franks” from Upton Daily
“Team Captain Norman Franks created the team in honor of his brother John, taking the team name from his brother’s nickname.  When Norman and his family first found out about…” Read More →

“Tufts Health Plan Foundation Awards more than $1.6 Million to 43 Nonprofit Organizations” from Tufts Health Plan Foundation
“The Tufts Health Plan Foundation announced today more than $1.6 million in new funding to 43 Massachusetts and Rhode Island-based organizations as part of its first cycle of funding for 2014. The largest number of grants this cycle was in the foundation’s…” Read More →

“Tewksbury residents to participate in Annual 5K to support local suicide prevention and remember Mark Van Gorder” from The Tewksbury Patch
More than 2,500 runners, walkers, families and team members will support Samaritans’ mission to prevent suicide at the 16th annual “Run For Someone Else’s Life” 5K Run/Walk and Family Fun Festival on Saturday, September 27th…” Read More →

“Psychiatrist/Marathon Runner Shows She is ‘Boston Strong’” from The American Psychiatric Association
Psychiatrist Nancy Rappaport, M.D., celebrates completion of the 2014 Boston Marathon on Boylston Street, near the site of last year’s bombings. Rappaport raised nearly $16,000 with her run for Samaritans, a Boston-area suicide prevention group…” Read More →

“Sierra Tucson’s Regional Outreach Specialist Contributes to 40 Years of Success With Suicide Prevention Organization” from Digital Journal
“Sierra Tucson, an international leader in the treatment of complex, co-occurring behavioral health disorders, is honored to announce their own Lisa Sarno was amongst those celebrated at Samaritans’ anniversary of “40 years of compassion” during its annual Breakfast for Hope benefit on May 14. Lisa Sarno is a Sierra Tucson Regional Outreach Specialist in Boston…” Read More →

“Good Neighbor: Tom Burke of Abington” from The Patriot Ledger
“Tom Burke volunteers for: The Samaritans, a suicide prevention service based in Boston. Burke, 73, serves on the board of directors, currently in his second six-year term, and also handles calls from the public on the crisis line…” Read More →

“Samaritans Mark 40 years of offering 24/7 Compassion; Marsh Family Helps Raise Money at Samaritans ‘Breakfast for Hope'” from Wicked Local
“Forty years ago, with one telephone and 22 volunteers, the first Samaritans branch in the United States opened its doors in Boston. Founder Monica Dickens, great granddaughter of Charles Dickens, was determined…” Read More →

“Samaritans Exec Roberta Hurtig of Oak Bluffs Celebrates Organization Milestone” from MV Times
Oak Bluffs resident Roberta Hurtig, executive director of Samaritans, helped celebrate a milestone in the organization’s history, its 40th anniversary. More than 500 people attended the Samaritans’…” Read More →

“Finish Line: Why I Run the Boston Marathon” from Huffington Post
“I wish you the most peaceful and powerful of marathon experiences on Monday. May you be moved by the somber reflection on those who no longer run, and be transformed…” Read More →

“Chelmsford Natives to take on Triathlon in Memory of Cousin and Others Lost to Suicide” from Chelmsford Patch
“Chelmsford natives Kara Morrissey and Erica Omobono will take part in the Escape the Cape Sprint Triathlon on Saturday, May 31, 2014. By doing so, they will help Samaritans, a local suicide prevention organization, raise awareness and much needed funds for its life-saving services…” Read More →

“Suicide Prevention Group Turns 40” from WGBH News
If you’ve never known anyone who’s taken their own life, you’re in the lucky minority. In the United States, the number of suicides each year has now surpassed the number of deaths from motor vehicle accidents. For 40 years now, it’s been the mission…” Watch →

“Boston’s Spirit Will See it Through Bombing Anniversary” from Sunday Post
“Kirstie Crawford joined the frightened hordes fleeing the Boston subway station and stepped into a nightmare world. The Glasgow girl may have made Boston her home but the city she was thrust into that Monday afternoon was terrifyingly chaotic and alien…” Read More →

“Bristol Native’s Marathon Run Raises Thousands” from East Bay Newspapers
“After just eight miles, her legs started hurting. At 13 miles, she sprained the meniscus in her knee. After about 20 miles, she noticed the severe sunburn on her shoulders and neck. But through it all, Bristol native Lauren Gablinske kept her late brother in mind to help …” Read More →

“Bristol Woman to Run Boston Marathon for Samaritans” from NBC 10 News
“A Bristol native has a very personal reason for running in the Boston Marathon Monday…” Watch →

“The Boston Marathoner Who Will Keep At It” from Islamic Times Monthly
“This is a story of Helene Newberg, an Arlington, MA resident who heard devastating news on Boston’s Marathon Monday 2012 that inspired her to run in 2013. She was less than a mile from the finish line when the bombs went off…” Watch →

“Five Newton Runners to Look For in the Marathon” from Wicked Local
“Why this charity? I’m running in memory of my brother’s friend Wade Fisher, who died by suicide last year. Samaritans has been instrumental in helping my brother in his healing, and we want to do everything we can to help them…” Read More →

“The home stretch: Cambridge runners take on this year’s Marathon” from The Cambridge Chronicle
“One runs for his brother, who he lost to suicide. Another runs to support a community organization dedicated to making positive changes. A third runs for One Fund Boston, to support people injured in the Marathon bombings last April…” Read More →

“Follow Lauren” from East Bay Newspapers
“Lauren Gablinske’s quest to run the Boston Marathon while raising money for the Samaritans in honor of her late brother Derek is in the homestretch. She is once again raising the bar on her fundraising goal, as she closes in on $30,000…” Read More →

“Runner Profile: Arlington’s Newberg runs for Samaritans” from Wicked Local
“I ran for Samaritans last year in tribute to Shaira Yasmin Ali, who died by suicide on Marathon Monday in 2012. It felt right to to use my running to raise awareness of the suicide prevention and grief support services that Samaritans offers for free…” Read More →

“Running for Derek” from East Bay Newspapers
“Anyone who has ever run any challenging distance can tell you: if nothing else, running makes you aware. Aware of your body, aware of your breathing. Aware of your pulse, pounding in your ears, and aware of the need to keep putting one foot …” Read More →

“Why are fewer and fewer teens phoning crisis lines for help? The answer just may be they’d prefer to text. Bob Filbin and Ron White on making the shift from counseling teens over the phone to counseling by text message.” Listen →

“Woburn Runner to Take on Heartbreak Hill” from The Woburn Patch
“Tricia Pierson, from Woburn, will run in the 118th Boston Marathon on Monday, April 21, 2014. By running, Tricia will help Samaritans, a local suicide prevention organization, raise awareness and much needed funds for its life-saving services…” Read More →

“Jamaica Plain Runners to Take on Heartbreak Hill” from The Jamaica Plain Patch
“Two Jamaica Plain residents, Katy Erker and Meghan Shanahan, will run in the 118th Boston Marathon on Monday, April 21, 2014. By running, they will help Samaritans, a local suicide prevention organization, raise awareness and much …” Read More →

“Acton’s Meghan Shanahan Running Boston Marathon for Samaritans” from The Acton Patch
“Acton native, Meghan Shanahan, will run in the 118th Boston Marathon on Monday, April 21, 2014. By running, Meghan will help Samaritans, a local suicide prevention organization, raise awareness and much needed funds for its life-saving services…” Read More →

“Sommerville Runner to take on Heartbreak Hill in Memory of Brother” from The Somerville Patch
“Carrie Asselin, a Somerville resident, will run in the 118th Boston Marathon on Monday, April 21, 2014. By running, Carrie will help Samaritans, a local suicide prevention organization, raise awareness…” Read More →

“Concord Native to take on Heatbreak Hill in Memory of Friend” from The Concord Patch
“Whitney Angell Leonard, a Concord native, will be among the 36,000 people running the 118th Boston Marathon on Monday, April 21, 2014. By running, Whitney will help Samaritans, a local suicide prevention organization, raise …” Read More →

“Melrose Runner to take on Heartbreak Hill in Memory of Sister” from The Melrose Patch
Peter Mongeau, a Melrose native, will run in the 118th Boston Marathon on Monday, April 21, 2014. By running, Peter will help Samaritans, a local suicide prevention organization, raise awareness and much needed funds for its life-saving services…” Read More →

“Suicide Risk Among Soldiers” from Fox News Boston
Samaritans Executive Director Roberta Hurtig sits down with author and Harvard University Professor Dr. Matthew Nock and Fox News Corespondent Sara Underwood to discuss military suicides. Watch →

“Arlington Runner to take to Heartbreak Hill in memory of Shaira Ali and in Support of Arlington Youth” from The Arlington Patch
“Helene Newberg, an Arlington resident since 1995, will run in the 118th Boston Marathon on Monday, April 21, 2014. By running, Helene will help Samaritans, a local suicide prevention organization, raise awareness and much needed funds for its life-saving services…” Read More →

“A Parent’s Perspective: The Plus Side of Texting” from The Reporter Parent
“When my son was in seventh grade I drove him one night to meet his girlfriend at the movies. I think it was one of the few times they interacted in person. He said they didn’t spend much time talking at school but spent a fair amount of time texting…” Read More  →

“In Texting Era, Crisis Hotlines Put Help at Youths’ Fingertips” from The New York Times“The conversation began abruptly, with the anonymous teenager getting straight to the point: She had just told her family that she was really a boy trapped in a female…” Read More  →

“Framingham Native to Participate in Annual 5K to Support Local Suicide Prevention & Remember Ken Witham” from The Framingham Patch
“Team Captain Sandy created the team in memory of her boyfriend, Ken, who tragically died by suicide in 2011. “We remember Ken Witham for his huge and caring heart, his generosity and his own unique sense of humor. I know it would make him very proud…” Read More  →


“‘Boston Strong’ … Sox have lived it” from ESPN
“Dr. Charles Steinberg, the cherubic, perpetually upbeat force behind the Boston Red Sox’s community relations department, keeps a different kind of statistic than the ones compiled by the Harvard and MIT whiz kids populating so many front offices these days…” Read More  →

“Striving to Prevent Suicide” from Wicked Local
“Topsfield resident Pete Marsh has been volunteering with the Samaritans of Boston — a nonprofit organization dedicated to suicide prevention — since 2008, and was recognized for his efforts earlier this Fall…” Read More  →

“Be Our Valentine: Samaritans of Boston to Hand Out Sweet Notes at North Station” from Metro Boston
“For love-struck couples, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to put on pink, pucker up, and pig out on sweets, but for some lovelorn singles, the Hallmark holiday can really…” Read More  →

“The True Meaning of Happiness” from The Huffington Post
“It is unlikely for the words “suicide” and “happy” to be used in the same sentence. One is almost always mentioned with descriptions that include the words “tragic,” “unexpected” and “sad.” Whereas the other represents something we all desire…” Read More  →

“Nonprofit’s Goal: Make Boston Happier” from The Today Show
“Samaritans, a suicide-prevention nonprofit, is hoping to bring smiles to the faces of Bostonians with their Happier Boston campaign, which involves social experiments such as dispensing oranges to commuters, giving high fives at Fenway Park…” Watch →

For love-struck couples, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to put on pink, pucker up, and pig out on sweets, but for some lovelorn singles, the Hallmark holiday can really slather on the blues. – See more at:
For love-struck couples, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to put on pink, pucker up, and pig out on sweets, but for some lovelorn singles, the Hallmark holiday can really slather on the blues. – See more at:


“Hill Holliday Spreads Happiness with ‘Social Experiment’ in Boston: New Approach to Suicide Prevention” from Ad Week“All advertising strives to sell happiness, implying that buying certain goods or services will make you feel better than you did before. Pitching happiness itself, striving to communicate the gravity of the concept and its importance in our daily lives…” Read More  →

“Effort to Fight Suicide Focuses on ‘the Help and the Hope'” from The New York Times
“There has been quite a vogue in recent years for what are called random acts of kindness. A new campaign is adding some planning to the mix. The campaign, now under way, supports Samaritans, a nonprofit organization in metropolitan Boston…” Read More  →

“Mass Sees More Suicides” from WBUR
“Mental health advocates are calling for greater awareness as the number of suicide deaths in Massachusetts appears to be rising. “The commonwealth of Massachusetts still has one of the lowest suicide rates in the country…” Read More  →

“Boston Marathon Runners from Duxbury Raising Money for Numerous Causes” from Wicked Local
“Fallon is one of 15 people running for Samaritans. She is running in memory of a family friend took his own life in 1994. She got involved with Samaritans through the annual Samaritans 5K Run/Walk and has run the San Diego Rock N’ Roll Marathon…” Read More  →

“State Transportation Officials Doing More to Keep Train Fatalities, Suicides Down” from BostInno
For John Hogan, director of safety and training at the Massachusetts Bay Commuter Rail, dealing with train-related fatalities never gets easier. “You never get used to it,” said Hogan, who has been working in the transportation industry for 29 years…” Read More  →

“Suicide Rates Increase: Help is Available” from Fox Boston
Samaritans Executive Director Roberta Hurtig sits down with Shannon Mulaire to discuss the increase in suicide rates. Watch →

“A Suicide in the Family” from WBUR
“Some 34,000 people die by suicide every year in the United States, which means that every 15 minutes, there is another devastated family faced with the challenge of how to make sense of a tragic loss. While there is so much that we have come to understand…” Read More  →

“Swampscott’s Schwartz runs for Samaritans in 116th Boston Marathon” from Wicked Local
“Naomi Schwartz, native of Swampscott, ran in the 116th Boston Marathon on April 16. By running, Naomi will help Samaritans raise needed funds to support suicide prevention programs. The John Hancock Boston Marathon Non-Profit Program graciously…” Read More  →

“Somerville Woman Runs Marathon in Memory of Aunt Who Committed Suicide” from The Somerville Patch
“When Joseph was 16 years old, she lost her aunt to suicide.In her email, Joseph shared what’s on her fundraising web page: “I will always remember every minute of November 1, 1999. I was a senior in high school, waiting for the principal…” Read More  →

“Samaritans’ IMs Reach Out to Teens in Crisis” from The Boston Globe
“The clicking computer keys type out the same empathy that these teen volunteers use when answering phone calls at the Samaritans crisis center. “Um-hms’’ and “un-huhs’’ typed into an instant message window must do the work usually…” Read More  →

“Befriending Can Help” from The Boston Herald
“Each year in Massachusetts approximately 500 people end their lives by suicide. Of those, approximately 10 percent are under the age of 21. While each suicide is unique and complex, it is becoming increasingly common to read that a young…” Read More  →

“A Framingham Teen Helps Those Battling Depression” from The Boston Globe
“When Framingham teen Jessica Kruger was in the seventh grade, she remembers wondering whether other students felt as sad as she did. By the time she reached high school, she was experiencing depressive and panic episodes for which…” Read More  →

“Whiz Kid: Local Student Works to Prevent Teen Suicide” from The Newton Patch
“Since Rhea’s sophomore year of high school, she has made herself available to other teens who are struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. She volunteers at Samaritans, Inc., which is a local suicide prevention and support …” Read More  →


“Trail of Tears – One Soldier’s Trek to Take Awareness to a Taboo Topic” from Massachusetts National Guard
“It took a few years for the heartbreak and tears to slow down, they have never really stopped. Through counseling at the Veterans’ Affairs and support groups from the Samaritans I was able to ease the pain,” he said. Suicide is a permanent…” Read More  →

“Suicide Hotline Adds Life Perspective” from Cape Cod Times
“The man is clearly in pain, and, though he’s trying to mask it, it’s seeping out. He starts out talking about his unemployment situation. The economy is rough, he says. There aren’t many jobs on the market, and whatever’s there consists…” Read More  →

“Event Honors a Mother Lost – 5K run for Suicide Prevention Week” from The Telegram and Gazette
“When she got married two years ago, Hardwick native Sarah B. Wheeler was careful to include some goldenrod blooms in her bouquet. The lacy yellow flowers were a reminder of her mother, Martha Wheeler, who took her own life 25 years ago…” Read More  →


“Norwood High Student Helps Samaritans Save Lives” from Wicked Local
“When Alejandra Garcia-Pletsch decided she wanted to help people, she chose to try to help some of the most vulnerable — those contemplating suicide. For the past two years, Garcia-Pletsch, 18, has taken the commuter rail into Boston…” Read More  →

“Brighton Student Helps Organize Event to Bring Awareness to Bullying” from Wicked Local
“According to the Massachusetts risk behavior survey, 13 out of every 100 high school students seriously contemplated suicide last year. One of the reasons behind it is bullying. In response to the high number of teens dealing with bullying issues…” Read More  →

“Great Samaritans” from
“It looked – and smelled – like teen spirit at the House of Blues on Saturday night, thanks to the more than 1,500 high school and college kids who came out to raise money for the suicide-prevention outreach organization Samaritans…” Read More  →

“Student Turns Loss into Hope” from The Republican
“Within three years, University of Massachusetts junior Ashley Marchal lost four people close to her to suicide. By speaking out about her loss and by working with Samaritans Inc., an all-volunteer suicide prevention nonprofit based in Boston …” Read More  →

“Speaking Up, Speaking Out About Suicide” from  The Boston Globe
“The recent suicide of South Hadley teenager Phoebe Prince brought the issue of bullying to the forefront of the state’s collective conscience, but one local group hopes to call attention to the underlying issue of teen depression and teen suicide…” Read More  →