Snapshots – Monthly E-Newsletter

//Snapshots – Monthly E-Newsletter
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Samaritans’ monthly e-newsletters, known as Snapshots, are a great way to keep up-to-date with Samaritans’ news and events. Click on the links below to read our most recent Snapshots, and to make sure you stay in-the-know, click here to sign up to receive Samaritans’ Snapshots! Samaritans will never sell your information to a third party, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

August 2017: Register for Samaritans 5K Run/Walk
July 2017: Make a Difference!
June 2017: Breakfast for Hope a Huge Success
May 2017: Breakfast for Hope- Listen With Us

April 2017: National Volunteer Month
March 2017: Win a trip to South Africa!
February 2017: Value of Volunteers
January 2017: Remembering Our Loved Ones
December 2016: Double Your Impact Today
November 2016: Giving Tuesday is November 29th
October 2016: Help us reach our goal

September 2016: 5K just around the corner
August 2016: Meet Edward’s Team

July 2016: Samaritans’ Snapshot
June 2016: A Conversation

May 2016: Let’s have a Conversation

April 2016: Spring Happenings

March 2016: March Snapshot

February 2016: Big things are happening!
Janauray 2016: 2016 is Looking Good!!
December 2015: Talk with Us
November 2015: Connect with Us
October 2015: Text Us!
September 2015: World Suicide Prevention Day
August 2015: Getting to Know Us

July 2015: Raising Hope

June 2015: Meet Candice

May 2015: A great Breakfast means the 5K is just around the corner!

April 2015: April Happenings
March 2015: Suicide Awareness from the Oscars to the Boston Marathon
February 2015: Share the Love
January 2015: A New Chapter

December 2014: Help Us Say Farewell
November 2014: We’re Giving Thanks
October 2014: We’re Almost There!
September 2014: World Suicide Prevention Day
August 2014: A Collective Moment of Grief
July 2014: Three Months to the 5K!
June 2014: Going the Distance
May 2014: One Week to the Breakfast for Hope!
Special Snapshot: We Run Together
April 2014 – Forty Years Ago Today…
March 2014 – A Time for New Beginnings
February 2014 – Love and Compassion
January 2014 – Celebrating 40 Years of Compassion
December 2013 – Celebrating Through Service
November 2013 – Resilience and Happiness
October 2013 – From 5K to 26.2 Miles – We’re Running for Someone Else’s Life!
September 2013 – Be a Part of the Solution for National Suicide Prevention Week
August 2013 – Warming Up for a Great Year
July 2013 – New Year, New Services
June 2013 – Appreciating the Past, Looking towards the Future
May 2013 – Honoring the First Responders, Supporting the Next Responders
April 2013 – Helping Boston Heal
March 2013 – The Value of a Smile
February 2013 – Blizzard Love
January 2013 – Getting Noisy about Suicide Prevention in 2013