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Education and awareness is an important and effective suicide prevention tool. Through our Community Education and Outreach program, Samaritans provides education and training on identifying those at risk for suicide and suicide prevention strategies. We are available to train schools, professional groups, civic, religious and social organizations and we target our education and outreach efforts to those groups that are at high risk for suicide including teens and seniors.

In an engaging workshop, customized to run from one to three hours based on the needs of the group or school involved, participants learn important information about suicide prevention including risk factors and warning signs; building resiliency/protective factors; and how to support someone at risk for suicide. The basic concept and skills of befriending will also be discussed as important components of listening.

  • From 2015-2016, 99% of participants in Samaritans’  workshops felt that they learned something new they could apply to their work.
  • From 2015-2016, approximately 85% of participants in Samaritans’ workshops shared they were now able to identify warning signs of someone who is suicidal.

What some people are saying about the Samaritan’s Workshops:
I learned that suicide prevention is not about providing solutions, but about listening, engaging, and letting the person be heard.”

“I learned to not shy away from asking questions because I’m scared of how they’ll respond.”

“This training was very worthwhile and should be required of everyone in helping professions.”

“I learned that I don’t need to have or be able to find the exact words, just be compassionate and listen.”

“This training helped me in understanding that I am not the only one who has to handle the situation. I have an entire support network to turn to.”

“This was eye opening.”

If you are interested in hosting a Community Outreach and Education seminar, click here. You may also contact our Community Education and Outreach Manager, Lauren Gablinske here.